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Babe in Grunge-land (Poem) by KurtCobain69Nirvana Babe in Grunge-land (Poem) by KurtCobain69Nirvana
(A Poem I made,I also made a description of the one I'm pertaining to using Photoshop,It's meant to be a tribute to Women of Rock and Roll)

The Babe in Grunge-land
She has no life
She lives inside what I call a lie.
She has choices,but she never makes one.
I laugh as I thought of ways how to bring her to life.
And I realize she was just a lie.
The Distortions are waving,like sirens.
The drums are beating,like an enigmatic heart.
She grabs and riffs,blows and holds, she leads the way
to a bigger dome of insanity and she relaxes as everyone makes her play.
She has no life,I said it before.
But she has a soul,much larger than a boar.
She claims what is hers but is given to me.
All she wants to do is command and be free.
So Fuck all of those shit that runs to her way.
Those roadblocks will be fucked like a harlot that can't be tamed.
So I tell her my ways,and she commands what to do..
She lives in a void inside me as she spreads her wings.
The holes of her glider can never be defined,she's the other of me
and I have no trust in trying,I'm not open-minded,but she is.
She calls me when I sleep and I call her like a raven.
Her dark wings don't define her but it defines reality.
She takes of her clothes as he graces everyone's illusions.
She fucks the system as she pleases.
She's not the type that would finish a thesis..
But she's judged as a harlot by suits,ties and priestesses
She's been torn apart,but rebuilds as phoenix.
Her hair so dark but colorful,begs the question.
Is she fine?Or is she simply undefined?
Till Eternity we can never tell.
Her breasts so nurturing but she rather scream and yell.
Grab your guitars because she's ready to go.
Open the curtains and prepare for a midnight mosh-pit show.
She's ready to storm the land with bombshells of future and past.
It's not meant to be beautiful,it never was.
She screams in a male dominated society.
She's the woman of women,she's strong as an unconquered land.
So Get ready bitches,She's the Babe in Grunge-land!
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May 15, 2013
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